January 23, 2020

First off you may be asking…

What do you mean Mother of the Clones?

Well, the cannabis clones that we all purchase, trade, and grow our crops from come from Mother Plants that can be either female Marijuana or Hemp plants, and are maintained in a controlled vegetative state perpetually. In other words, it is a plant grown from a clone or seed that we keep in the Veg Room forever! Mother plants are used to make clones to grow more plants like the mother herself. The benefit of clones that they all usually grow the same, so it is easier to take care of larger batches of plants with the same feeding schedules and equal canopy height. 

A Mothers plant can theoretically produce an infinite number of clones over her lifetime if taken care of properly. Normally a breeder will keep a mother plant for around 2 to 10 years before having to reinvigorate the Mother pl...

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January 23, 2020

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