Inside the Largest Recreational Cannabis Greenhouse in California

California Recreational Cannabis Farm

This second farm on our Cannabis adventure was located near Santa Maria, right in the heart of some of the most treasured Wine Vineyards of California.

What was once an orchid farm is now converted to the largest licensed Recreational Marijuana Cultivator Co-Op in the state. Because of the multiple growers operating at this facility and the scale of the operations, I could not get an exact size of the total greenhouses, however the greenhouses we toured were producing hundreds of pounds of dried cannabis flower per week!

Everything on-site was being handled and moved by either machinery or it was being done by at least three to five staff at a time. The greenhouses themselves all have auto light depravation, drip and overhead irrigated, supplemental lighting, and multi-layer nets. Truly and automated system that was working. Are there some things I saw that could have been fine-tuned to optimize efficiencies and maximize their yields? Yes, however that could also be said with most legal commercial grow operations, especially converted ones like this.

Vegetative Cannabis Clones


In general, the growing process starts with mixing large amount of custom blended Peat Moss into 1-gallon sizes buckets where the clones are then transplanted and transported from the nursery. The plants are then put into multi-layer nets to support their growth, and are also hooked up to a custom drip system at the top of the pots as well as over the plants for foliar feeds. This overhead foliar spray system can also be used to wash the plants and optimize the photosynthesis in the plants from the light coming from the sun. This is only done during the vegetative growth stage of cannabis because it will not create any mold or mildew if handled correctly. During flower cycle, spraying the buds of the cannabis plant form overhead will create mold and bud rot.

The greenhouses themselves were all built with light deprivation controls to create the optimal vegetative and flower cycles for the plants. They can also be opened up all the way to help balance high temperature swings during the hot summer periods as well as maximize the light inside the greenhouses.


One of the most impressive things we got to see in these greenhouses was the size of their flower canopy! It is easily the most amount of flowering cannabis plants we have ever seen in a greenhouse facility. If you are a breeder or were looking for rare phenotypes in a grow, this is proper amount of plants to do selections from. With this size of flower space, we were very pleased to see all the rows of plants were meticulous and even. A flower canopy of this size is producing hundreds of pounds a week!

Marijuana Bud Canopy


- Tahoe OG

- Snow Man

- Holy Grail OG

- Forbidden Fruit

- Guava

- Doc OG

- Strawberry Banana


To complete this epic tour, we got to explore where the new clones were being cut, planted, rooted, and transitioned into the veg greenhouses. The meticulous attention to detail as well as the vigor of their clones was impressive compared to the amount of clones being produced each day. One of the biggest problems with this size of an operation is keeping your clones and mother stock healthy and clean; we didn’t get to try any of the product from this site, however while we were there, we got to see a great example of a sterile and clean grow rooms.

Once the clones were finished rooting, they then transitioned to the veg room to be grown out into teen size before flowering, or the clones were sold as a rooted to other farms for their licensed production.


From the pounds of product being produced each week to the size and professional operations of the greenhouses, this facility is aimed at being one of the largest producers of recreational cannabis in the state of California. They are even currently expanding to over a dozen more greenhouses while we were they touring. Hopefully more news to come from this amazing facility very soon!

*Written by Jason Knox; owned by Feno Seed Bank LLC

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