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Our team at Feno Seed Bank has been working diligently to get a stabilized, pure breeding, seed line of our Awaken genome. Unfortunately when we were making this last batch of seeds, there was a genetic disposition to hermaphroditism as is normal with hemp landraces. We had originally thought we had pulled out the genetic traits by selecting what we thought were pure females from our fields, however with open pollination of the male stock, we could not control the male donor side of the Awaken genome the first year we found the special Awaken phenotype. Due to this error, we are delaying the release of Awaken seed packs until we are sure that your garden will remain dioecious.

Breeding from a true landrace genome, like our USA Hemp Landrace, can be quite a difficult endeavor and we appreciate all the support from our Feno family on all of the pre-order reservations. We may release a feminized seed line early to all the pre-order customers patiently waiting for their new packs of Awaken we should be ready by March 2017. For those who have pre-ordered the original Awaken release will maintain their spot in the reservation list, and no pre-orders will be charged until the Awaken seeds are ready for delivery.

Feno Seed Bank is excited to announce what we have been working very hard on over the last four years in Colorado. Awaken is a new CBD hemp strain created with the intent of bringing legal, large yields of CBD, to our growers with no THC (under the legal 0.3% THC, the Colorado State limit).

Awaken’s genetic origins come from right in the United States of America and was given to Feno Seed Bank from a family in the mid-west that has had it in their family for over three generations. These first generation, American Landrace, hemp seeds were sown across 36 acres, in 6 different fields throughout Colorado, as our first legal hemp grow licensed under the Colorado Department of Agriculture in 2015.

After looking through thousands of hemp plants (maybe trees) in 2015, we found a special phenotype that was large in yield, high in CBD, and very low in THC (0.07% - less than 25% of the limit for the state of Colorado which is 0.30% THC). Feno Seed Bank dubbed this rare phenotype as “Big Tuna” and proceeded to use it in the coming 2016 season except planting in much larger numbers.

Feno’s 2016 hemp season consisted of over 360 acres of production and breeding fields throughout the state of Colorado. Even the author of The Cannabible series, Jason King, was nice enough to visit the fields and help us pheno-hunt for terpene rich fields (there will be a video of our adventures coming shortly). During this ultimate season we selected from the F1 “Big Tuna” progeny and begin out mass search for the most consistent phenotype to our original mother, except with enhanced traits (ex: increased terpene expressions, even higher CBD, and lower THC.) Multiple plants were selected that matched the parameters we wanted to progress in the Awaken genome for its F2 progeny. These special seeds are available now in individual packs on our online store ( as well as in bulk format for new hemp farmers around the country (email for more information on bulk inquiries).

Finally, there is a strain perfect for the new Hemp Industry that meets all the qualities of a legal CBD strain, perfect for your own personal medicine grown with your loving hands. Awaken has started the next era of CBD strains; come grow with us!


Awaken was created in Colorado, then stabilized over the last four years to be able to grow in harsh climates and flower in earlier seasons, making it very resilient to most grow climates. High in full-spectrum cannabinoid production, but very low in THC, Awaken is the perfect strain for the new American Hemp Industry.

- Flowering Time: We suggest a 8 to 9 week flower time Indoors or September harvest outdoors for the northern hemisphere.

- Morphology: Sativa Dominant Hemp Strain (80%) plants with long big, sativa buds. Some phenotypes have a rainbow of colors with a smell of royal pear or fruit.

- Effects: Awaken CBD is a new CBD Hemp Strain that has a unique uplifting effect and can be used during the day with pain relieving and calming effects.

- Grow Notes: We recommend growing Awaken in single-dominant-cola shape, supported from the center of the plant with a stake. SCROG and SOG growing methods can be achieved with a little longer vegetative cycle.

- Yield: Average to Above Average Yield is expected, with some of the phenotypes, known as the "big tuna," having a very large yield.

- Lineage: Awaken is a stabilized, F2 generation Hemp strain with a lineage from our American Hemp Landrace. Truly a one of a kind American CBD Hemp Strain!

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