New Brothers Grimm Feminized Seed Release

Feno Seed Bank is excited to announce that Brothers Grimm Seeds has released two new feminized seed lines of their legendary Cinderella 99 and Apollo 11 strains. These new feminized seeds are perfect for the grower who needs each plant to produce flowers on a consistent level with the guarantee of keeping your garden completely female! The best part about these two new lines is they have been lab tested to guarantee 100% female results; they were also created using the original breeding mothers to guarantee the best production results and original traits of each strain.

Cinderella XX

Cinderella XX was created by taking Mr. Soul's prized "Princess" mother, and pollinating her with a rare C99 phenotype, specially selected for its extreme resin production. Most growers worry about growing feminized seeds because they are made with a clone pollinating itself, which can create uneven results, and sometimes hermaphrodites that pollinate your sinsemilla. Brothers Grimm did just the opposite by creating a consistent female progeny using the original breeding mother and a pollen donor matching the original strain. In doing this, they created the original strains in a new, fully feminized, version.

Apollo XX

Apollo XX is the perfect version of a feminized Apollo. Dating back to the original strain's creation, Brothers Grimm used a "Genius" mother and the same, super resinous, C99 phenotype used as the pollen donor in the Cinderella XX cross to create the ultimate female Apollo seed line. Between the super uplifting effects and the massive sativa yield, you won't want to miss out on this epic remake of a timeless classic.

If you are interested in learning more about these new feminized strains, or where to buy them, check out their website at

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