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USA Hemp (Landrace) is an American Hemp strain that originated in the midwest, and is considered a true hemp strain testing at only 0.14% THC (well under the 0.3% limit). There are many differnt plant types ranging from seed, fiber, and CBD specialized phenotypes for you to choose from. This is a great genome for those looking to get into hemp breeding by starting with a low THC strain. USA Hemp Landrace is a licensed Hemp strain that has been grown since 2015 in the state of Colorado.


Landrace Hemp Strains come directly from naturally existing hemp fields that are proven to be  consistently low in THC & still produces average to high amounts of CBD oil, as well as other multi-crop abilities.


The best advantage to these seeds is the ability to find hundreds of different phenotypes which is great for breeding projects or finding a truly unique hemp plant!


*Monoecious Seed* Watch out for pollen contamination of indoor gardens. Select and separate the dioecious (true female) phenotypes first from the monoecious females (female cannanbis plants that have both male and female organs).


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  • - 22 Seeds per Pack

    - Sativa Dominant Landrace (Hemp Strain)

    - 9-10 Week Indoor Flower Time

    - Can be grown outdoors in difficult conidtions 

    - Under 0.3% THC (Lab Tested at 0.14% THC)


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