BaOx produces large size hemp flowers with CBD%s well into the teens! Can be produced for seedless buds or high quality hemp extract with many uniques phenotypes avaiable. This was origially created by Centennial Seeds and was a unique phenotype chosen from our source farm. Out of all of our hemp strains available, this has been around and grown legally in Colorado the longest, next to our USA Hemp Landrace.


  • Strain: BaOx

    Seed Type: Regular

    Quanitity Per Pack: 15 Regular Seeds

    Cannabinoid Value: 11-15% CBD

    Harvest: Beginning of October at 37°N to 41°N

    Water Consumption: Average

    Light Intensity: High, It does not burn easily

    Germination 95%

    Purity 99%

Colorado, USA - 
*Feno Seed Bank LLC sells souvenir seeds legally. Our products contain NO THC and NO CBD in any manner.*

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