Feno Seed Bank was started back in 2014 with the goal of providing the Cannabis Industry with original strains by partnering with the World's best breeders. Feno is storing and supplying the entire Cannabis genome, and we guarantee breeder original strains; no fakes, duplicates, or knock offs. Come join our Feno Family today! 

Hemp Plant

Cannabis Breeding

Feno Seed Bank works with the best genetics, and in some cases, like our Knoxville Bliss strain, we have selected the best phenotypes to breed with. High yield, high 

cannabinoid content, and unique terpene expressions are just the start of our endless search!

Hemp Farming

Our USA Hemp Landrace genome was one of the first licensed hemp farms in Colorado. Since then, we have had three successful years of breeding our genetics over 400 acres and 10 million plants. If you are in need of hemp seed, farm consulting, or bulk hemp material let us know below

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